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who wouldn't. now they bought him. does anyone really think he will finally stand up to them? what makes anyone think he will not dance with the one that brung him. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politicsnation" starts now. >> thanks, chris, i'm al sharpton. this is a special edition of sunday it sunday "politicsnation." we are coming to you live tonight from democracy plaza from new york's rockefeller center. it'll be our headquarters through election day. we have two days to go. here's where the race stands. new nbc news wall street journal poll just out today shows president obama with 48% of the national vote. mitt romney has 47%. a dead heat. the new york times, 538 blog says if the election were held
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today, the president would win reelection with 307 electoral votes. mitt romney would get 231. 270 is the magic number needed to winter white house. the times blog gives the president an 85% chance of winning the election. romney has a 15% chance. that's the highest percentage the president has had since october 3rd, the day of the first debate. and as of tonight, more than 29 million people are have already vote pepd but the lines as long as six hours in florida have led to a major development in that state. and we will have a lot more on that later. in these final 48 hours, this race has become an all-out sprint. today president obama chris crossed the country starting in new hampshire. flying to florida and ohio for
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events. and ending the rally in colorado. governor romney began in iowa and held events in ohio and pennsylvania. he will end his day in virginia. president obama whipped voters into fever pitch on the trail. today, before record crowd of 14,000 in new hampshire. and then last night, it was another ruckus rally under virginia. >> now it's all up to you. it is up to the volunteers. it is -- it's up to somebody knocking on the door. it is up to someone making a phone call. it's up to someone talking to their mom or dad or their wife or husband or grandma or grandpa. and that's how democracy's supposed to be. it is up to you. you've got the power.
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and that's why i need you, virginia. don't get tired. don't get weary. if you're willing to knock on some doors with me and make some phone calls for me, grab some friends for me, turn out to vote for me, we'll win, virginia. we'll win this election. we'll finish what we started. we'll move forward. together we'll renew the bonds and reaffirm the spirit that makes the united states of america the greatest nation on earth. >> it's all on the line with just two days to go. joining me now is bob shrum and alicia menendez. thank you both for being here with me on democracy plaza. >> glad to be here. >> bob, let me start with you. republicans are talking about
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enthusiasm. how do you see it? >> first, you look at rallies that the president held in virginia, which i think he will, i win, by the way. you look at the people lining up, six, seven hours because they want it vote and republicans are trying to stop them. have you it say there is a lot of enthusiasm on the democratic side. sometimes i think enthusiasm is confused with irrationality. a lot of people cannot abide the idea of barack obama as president of the united states. they are angry. say outrageous things. the romney campaign abandoned most of the its message. it is just going back to some of the race stuff on welfare that it was doing before. they are appealing to that anger. they call that intensity, i call it irrationality. >> they have a lot of reason to go back to that, i suppose, alicia, when you look at the fact, the president is maintaining an edge in swing states, according to real
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politics, which is averaging the polls. president obama leads by roughly 4 points in washington and pennsylvania. leading by more than 2 in nevada, ohio and iowa. as a slighter margins in new hampshire and colorado, governor romney only leads in more at a point in florida and is narrowly ahead in virginia. that gives a reason for them to, let's say, be concerned. >> they need to be concerned because it is not just the enthuse yack enthuse em that's missing p. this is what barack obama does better than anyone else. man test right now in the early vote of look at nevada, north carolina, iowa. mitt romney with needs to win 54 to 60% of the remaining votes in the states in order to drop into the victory. that's a huge lift. i think when you couple the fact that democratic base is much more fired up with the fact that obama for america has been
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organizing for the last four years. they keep talking about pennsylvania, you can't drop into pennsylvania the weekend before an election, and expect to tip the vote just by buying ads when you have the other team with a fantastic ground operation. >> drive by campaigning won't do it. when you look at pennsylvania, bob, romney and ryan are both visiting pennsylvania this weekend. and in hopes, i suppose, of winning the state. in 2008, john mccain visited pennsylvania the sunday before the election. he didn't make it. in 2004, bush visited pennsylvania the day before. he did. '96, bob dole was in pennsylvania the friday before. he didn't do well before. george herbert walker bush was in the state the day of the election in '92. he didn't make it. so it seems like it is republican tradition. and how is it going to turn out for them in your opinion? you're the expert on these things. >> it is the pursuit of fool's gold. they tried it since 1992.
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they haven't carried the state since 1998. the president is somewhere at about 50 and he is like five points, four points ahead. a lot of people have voted, as alicia said, you're not going to make that up. they got to look some place else and they decided to go to pennsylvania. they are talking about michigan. the president is well ahead in michigan. they are talking about wisconsin. >> in all these other states, bob, it is within the margin of error. so it is based a lot on who turns out. >> it'll be based on that. but one thing to say is i trust the nbc polls, i trust cbs's polls. i don't trust a lot of fly by night organizations that i haven't heard of before. this go around all campaign and get averaged in, saying gee, romney is doing well. take nevada. mark marn el who called the race in 2010 has done two different polls in nfr. one showing the president six
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ahead. one showing the president eight ahead. john ral ston, best reporter out there, says the president will win nevada. it is not a one or two-point race. >> it has 20 t.o do with young people, nafr americans and we don't pick up the phone. if you are undersampling -- >> which is why the president made appeals. i interviewed him this morning and he was directly appealing it people to come out. let me play you a clip of what he said. >> well you know, what we are happy about is the enthusiasm we see in voters. there was a lot of talk during the course of this election is that maybe the folks who are trying to get me out of office would be more enthusiastic about the folks who want it keep me there. but i think as the campaign season unfolded and people see the stakes involved in making sure that young people can afford to go to college or
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medicare isn't turned in a voucher or bringing troops home from afghanistan and treating veterans with the care they dezefb or earned. when they start talking about policies to create jobs. i think people understand what stakes are. my attitude has been that if our voters turn out, we win. >> and that's on radio this morning, on my show, all over the country. is are those direct appeals, alicia, what you are talking about? that voters may not be picking up the phone and that are going to be more enjer jaergized by r and television opportunities? >> i think the message he delivered to new that radio interview is that he has incredible discipline. this is the message at beginning of the campaign. talking about economic security, middle class is the engine of economic groemg and talking about opportunity at all levels where you see this bizarre schizophrenia on the romney
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side, where he can't stick to anything. >> actually, he is more like the people who were skating down staires a few minutes a i go. he just goes from one message to another. one moment talking about revenge. the next moment he says, if you don't elect me, the house of representatives won't work with the president. people don't want to operate on that kind of black male. they want it hear the differences between you and the other guy. the republicans backed themselves into a demographic called sack. they are in in terrible shape with women. social issues put them beyond the bail. >> bob, what is something that is real us is stink, what is the tale sign early on election night as we start coming? >> well, virginia closes early. if the president carries it
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comfortably, then i would say that's important. but i suspect we will wait until about 10 or 11:00 and people will be very weary about exit polls as we know they are wrong in 2004. right in 2000 but there were intervening events that allowed the other side to steal the election. >> all right. bob shrum and elisa menendez. thank pup. this race is all about the the electoral college math. if you want it check it out for yourself, just go to our facebook page right now. we with like to interact with you on our interactive electoral map that we want to you fill out. when you're done, share it with us on our facebook page. a big story out of florida tonight. hundreds, hundreds tush turned away from voting after white
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waiting in line for six hours. this was the republican plan all along but democrats are fighting back. >> let us vote! let us vote! plus, get out the vote pl we will go inside the campaign secret plans to get folks to the polls. this is whether the election will be won or lost. also, chris christie takes on all those republicans who have been ripping him for praising the president. you're watching a special edings of poll things nation on msnbc, live from democracy plaza. >> so i would like to give a sincere thanks to president obama for how he handled the situation. >> again, i'll be a good soldier, i'll vote for romney but i'm going to hate it. do you hear me? i will hate it! donut.
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you know what i believe. you know i tell the truth. and you know i will fight for you and your families every
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single day as long as i know how, as long as i have privilege of being the president. >> two days to go and candidates are making final pitches to voters. the president is leading in key states. but the margins are close. i talked to the president before for my radio show this morning and talk about what he is focusing on these days. >> at this point, we have enough votes to win in every state that is a battle ground state, if people actually turn out to vote. and it comes down to how bad do you want it? how much do you care about these issues. and you know, i'm betting on the american people wanting to have a if you tour where everybody has it fair shot. that's what we are fighting for, and i want to keep being the voice of working families across america. >> this kunls docomes down to wt the candidates can do in the next 48 hours to bring out the
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vote. the romney camp is ready. they released a memo saying they have made 125 million personal phone calls or visits up to this weekend. that means they have contacted nearly 40% of the country. romney campaign has only contacted 50 million people. the obama campaign also says they have registered nearly 1.8 million new voters in key battle ground states. almost double the number they registered in 2008. it all comes down to this. who can get out the vote? who's ground game will make the difference in the end? joining me now are two of the most important labor leaders in this country. george gresham, from the largest healthcare workers union in the country. and randi weingarten, president of the american federation of teachers. thank you both for joining me. >> thank you. >> great to be with you. >> george, let me go to you first. what is the key to the ground game in these final hours?
3:19 pm
>> the key is one, we have thousand of people that have said they want to be a part of this. and the key for us is to make sure that we are getting out and talking to the people. i think as it has been said many times before, when people understand what is at stake, when people understand that difference between them having a future and not having a future, is simply getting out the vote no matter what the challenge is. people will react to that and so we have thousands of people all around the country that are willing to go out, knock on doors. we have a saying that we have adapted. richmond, virginia at this moment. that saying is one more knock for barak. that's what we are doing. we are going that extra mile to make sure that we knock on the door it encourage people to come out and stand up for their future. >> randi weingarten, you've been all over the country as george has been. you've been through so many
3:20 pm
airports, i think the security guys know you by just seeing you come. the enthusiasm is the question. romney senior adviser on the abc show, "today", he said about undecided voters, wlauch this. watch this. >> there are aim sujss that the undecided voters won't turn out and will therefore prevail because of the superior ground game versus ours. number one, their ground game is not superior and number two i think they will come out pretty strongly against the president. >> so he thinks that they have enthusiasm. he thinks undecided voters are coming out. he doesn't think the ground game is that good on the other side. >> look, and let me just say, i was just back in new york for just about 24 hours, at your phone banks, george, in new york city. and it is just amazing. >> yes. >> but you know, i've been out on a bus for the last three weeks in countless states,
3:21 pm
countless couie counties in ohi and down the eastern seaboard. i see huge excitement now. something shifted in the last few weeks where people really get what the stakes are in this election. between, do you want to be on your own or are we all in this together to try to reclaim the american dream, and watching and finally giving the president the credit that he deserves about reversing a really terrible economy and starting to see some real growth. and i think people are getting out there. i've seen members that i didn't see in '08. not that everyone agrees with everything the president has done. but president and vice president are on our size, and are sharon brown and elizabeth warren. so i've seen huge excitement all throughout the country and
3:22 pm
particularly in ohio and florida. and you are also seeing it nerms of the line in terms of voting. >> george, talking about the terms of lines, early voting, all of us have been in florida the day that early voting started. i deal with the nonpartisan operation lemon side. but you guys are there for that and partisan stuff. the obama campaign released its memo on early voting. the math is clear. our opponent is losing among early voters in nearly every public poll in every battle ground state, meaning that if the public polls are right, he would have to win 65% of the remaining votes in north carolina. 59% in iowa and colorado. 58% in nevada. 55% in florida and ohio. and 52% in virginia and wisconsin. even if you use the math in romney's budget, which doesn't add up, that is a lot that he is going to have to achieve, george. >> you are absolutely right. i think that at this point, the
3:23 pm
math is not going to add up just like the math in this proposed budget doesn't add up. i think that people at this point, while they may have thought they have the luxury earlier in the campaign to not be clear on what the differences are, i think that people based on the particularly the last two debates, people can see the stark difference between the campaign and the administration of what the president has actually achieved, both by action and by message. and what romney is running way from. i think people have to look themselves and say, after months and months of campaigning, after months and months of debate, can they honestly say that they know what romney stands for? and i think for me, all can i say is that he badly wants to be the president, but he is not standing up and speaking for working people in this country. >> randy, what do you say when you hear people say the enthusiasm and is not there to base voters, labor, minorities, women are not there. yet these lines around the
3:24 pm
country are breaking records? i don't know, the number speaks for themselves. >> the lines in ohio are breaking records. the lines in florida are breaking records. and that's after all of the voter suppression. i think what's happening and we will see this after the election. what is happening is this is people power versus money power. and all of those ads, and particularly take the jeep ad in ohio, it backfired on romney. at the end of the day, it will be who helps us have shared opportunity, shared prosperity and make us believe we can regrow the middle class. that's why ohio is coming out for obama and biden. >> george gresham and randy
3:25 pm
white # wi and /* randi weingarten. thank you for being with us tonight. snrs ths this is a special edition of "politicsnation." live from democracy plaza. your headquarters for the election. "politicsnation." live from democracy plaza. your headquarters for the election.
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as you can see, i have given my voice in the service of my president.
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>> have you joined the "politicsnation" conversation on facebook yet? the big hit of the day was our 42nd president and our 44th president, on the trail together. anthony says, i definitely wish i could have been there. pam calls them, two great presidents who care about the nation and the people. david says, the country's blessed to have them both. we want to hear what you think too. please head over to facebook and search politician nation and like us to join the conversation that keeps going, long after the show ends. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if you could combine the capability of a pathfinder with the comfort of a sedan? ♪ so you went right back to the pathfinder's essence, kept its dna, and created the next-gen s.u.v. starting with a drivetrain that gives best-in-class fuel economy of 26 miles per gallon, highway...
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welcome back. what happens inside the republican establishment when it seems that victory may be slipping away from the romney victory tour? the blame game, that's what.
3:33 pm
and their target is new jersey governor chris christie. a top romney official tells politico, quote, if romney wins it won't be forgotten. and rupert murdoch twiets that christie must redeclare for romney or take the blame for the next four dire years. that's rough. but then, there's down right mean. politico reports that romney's insiders are putting out the word that christie was actually romney's first choice to be his running mate. politico says, quote, romney was so close to picking christie that some top advisers at the campaign's boston headquarters believe believed the governor had been offered the job. oh, i get it, so the reason chris christie was so friendly to the president last week was sour grapes? even by the standards of the romney campaign, that's low.
3:34 pm
joining me now is national political reporter for the washington post and jonathan cape hart, msnbc contributor. thanks to both of you pour being here tonight. >> good to be here. >> why are republicanes so upset over chris christie's praise for the president sp. >> chris christie was romney's number one attack dog. number one surrogate going around attacking the president in harsh terms. three, he was the keynote speaker at mitt romney's convention. i think for republicans to see governor christie not just compliment the president on how, you know, good a job he is doing in helping the people in the state of new jersey, but press conference after press
3:35 pm
conference, complimenting the president and his leadership skills, his, you know, ability to work with the president, how much he loves the guy, that is pretty galling to republicans. >> but governor christie did come out today and say he would vote for mr. romney. he still supports mr. romney but repeated the president did a great job. what do they want him to do, lie? >> that's right. i think this was the longest tightest bear hug that i've ever seen between chris christie and barack obama. and certainly, democrats are happy to see that and republicans not so happy. i think when you look at why chris christie is doing this, he is not only thinking about his own reelection but 2016. he, i think, privately is expressing what you hear republicans express privately, and that is that they feel like on tuesday mitt romney will lose. so his calculation is looking at 2016. he is also looking at his own race in 2014.
3:36 pm
new jersey, very blue state, you've got a state where it is 15% african-american, almost 20% latino. you are also looking at a race that could include cory booker. look at recent polls. there was a poll out in october that showed in match-up between cory booker and chris christie that booker would only trail at this point by four points. so i think he is looking at his own political calculus hear. but also he was doing his job as governor. and in that way, i think he is wrinkled a lot of feathers. >> but it seems to me that republicans, jonathan, feel they are going to lose. because they seem to be a lot of cry baby and whining and excuses. this doesn't sound like people that feel that victory is in hand when they are crying over what happened to mr. christie in terms of praising the president. >> right. what we are seeing is gop-cya. we have seen a lot of excuses the last 48 hours over what went
3:37 pm
wrong for governor romney. you've had both governor haley barber today and you had karl rove site hurricane sandy as being the thing that one stopped romney momentum but two, could have possibly caused mitt romney to lose the election. we all have to keep in mind that the polls show that this race is tight. even in the swing state polls the president might be leading most of them. but this race is tight. so the fact that the republicans are doing -- playing the blame game, we are not even at election day, tells you the mind-set of the gop and romney campaign. they are not terribly confident about tuesday's election results. >> but nia-malika, what candidate romney is not dealing with, most americans agree, mr. christie, governor christie, said. when you look at a brand new nbc poll, likely voters overwhelmingly say they approve
3:38 pm
of the president's handling of hurricane sandy. 67% approve. only 16% di disapprove. on top of that, in this brand new poll, majority of americans believe the economy is already turning around. 52% say we are recovering. both of these poll numbers are bad news for the republicans when they only have two days go t. to go. >> that right. very bad news. you heard mitt romney, about six weeks ago, releasing talking points from their campaign. and their thinking was by this date the obama economy would reassert itself in a negative way, but so far you haven't seen that. you have seen robust poll numberes. it is not even necessarily unemployment rates. ticked up to 171,000 jobs created. people look at how many bags of groceries they can buy at piggly wiggly. they look at gas prices. look at whether or not their neighbor is employed. in ohio you see 12% unemployment
3:39 pm
rate four years ago. 7% now. that's why you look at midwestern firewall for the president holding up in this sort of fool's aaron that romney is taking in eyeing pennsylvania at this late date. >> i'm out of time. but i must ask you this, jonathan, new york times is reporting that romney camp has been wooing, of all controversial characters, glenn beck. glenn beck's unique position as both a mormon and prominent voice amath evangelicals have been too tempting for m romney's campaign it pass up. campaign officials have quietly courted mr. beck. is that a sign of desperation or is that smart strategy? >> i think from their perspective it is smart strategy. remember for both the obama campaign and romney campaign, this is a base election. the person that can churn out his base on tuesday is the team that's going to win. for mitt romney, you will leave no stone unturned to get out as
3:40 pm
many votes as can you. if you have it put your arms around glenn beck, john sununu, donald trump, then that's what you do. still ahead, voter suppression in action. pictures from florida and ohio show some people waiting four, five, six hours in line. just to vote. it's exactly what republicans want. but democrats are fighting back. plus, more from my exclusive interview with president obama. he talks about his fate and what keeps him going when the race gets tight. you're watching a special edition of "politicsnation," live from democracy plaza in rockefeller center. i'm only in my 60's...
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12 years after hanging chads and the 2000 when count, voting in florida is an absolute disaster and once again, it is
3:45 pm
all part of the gop plan. today, democrats were filing lawsuits and calling out republicans for voter suppression. after early voting ended last night, some of the longest lines the state has ever seen. >> the line here at the coral reef library in southwest miami-dade is closed but there are still hundreds of people waiting to cast their ballots. >> way is in line for about five hours. a long time. >> the longest lines in miami-dade had been here in miami gardens and from miramar to downtown to aventura to miami beach, the lines have all been long. >> how long did you wait? >> i waited seven hours in the line. >> at miami-dade election headquarters, line it early votes snaked around the building and ranged from five to as much as eight hours. >> it was exhausting. >> democrats filed an emergency lawsuit to extend early voting in several counties and some county elections officials tried
3:46 pm
to fix the situation. using a little known voting law that lets people cast in person absentee ballots. but even that quickly turned sour when overwhelmed poll watchers tried and failed to shut down the line. >> let us vote! let us vote! let us vote! >> a miami harold reporter tweeted minute by minute unfolding of the chaos. quote, no word yet from the mayor's office from the headquarters which locked the doors with voters chanting outside. to recap, miami-dade said it would turn away any in-person absentee voters, then it locked election headquarters doors, now set to resume. miami-dade elections now says
3:47 pm
it'll reopen for all in-person absentee voters in line by 5:00 p.m. what a mess. with 15 minutes before closing, the line outside miami-dade elections headquarters is about 500 people deep. she's right. this is a mess. it's a deliberate mess. because governor rick scott and his republican administration scaled back early voting precisely so this would happen. in 2000, it was hanging chads. in 2012, six-hour waits. but voters will not stop fighting for their rights. joining me now is victor. it curry, pastor of new baptist church in miami who spear headed operation lemonade. and erin mcpike from real clear
3:48 pm
politics, live in cincinnati, ohio tonight. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> bishop curry, let me start with you. what do you make of latest voting problems in your state? >> well, i'm not surprised. even though the race is nonpartisan, the mayor is a tea party republican. so i'm not surprised by what's going on here in miami-dade county. but what i am happy about, reverend sharpton, is that people of miami die-dadmiami-da palm beach county, it doesn't matter how long they will stay in line. they will stay in line and cast their vote and protest for the right to cast their votes. >> i was with you last week as early voting start peestarted. we went through broward and
3:49 pm
miami-dade county. i worked with you with operation lemonade. now we see the reaction from those officials. this is exactly what you and the leaders there feared was wiley y they were cutting back souls to the poll chess should have been today. had to do it last sunday. because people do want it vote and they seemingly are determined to stop them from vote. >> exactly, but people won't be deterred. they are determined to cast their votes. that made all of us feel so proupd what they are saying to the rest of the country that in the words of the civil rights movement bab in the 60s, we're not going to let anyone turn us around. we've come too far for noin turn us back now. >> now bishop, for people around the country to understand, they have extended voting before in florida. republican governors. i had crist on the show and as a governor, he extended voting.
3:50 pm
let me tell what you he told me on this show friday night, when he thought that was behind us. >> is hard it interpret it any other way, reverend al. i think it is voter suppression. i think it is ridiculous and unfortunate. my hard bleeds for the people of florida. they ought to have the opportunity to exercise this cherished, precious right to vote. we have to remember, a lot of people fought hard for people to have that right and some died for it. we ought to respect that. >> former governor of florida, a republican, said it was voter suppression. it is hard to see it any other way, bishop. >> i agree with him. i agree with jim greer. how many more witnesses do we need for the republican party to see that this number one was wrong. and number two, it is backfired. they meant it for evil but god meant it for good. it awakens something in people who may have otherwise been nonchalant about this election. >> erin, you're in cincinnati.
3:51 pm
there are long lines in cincinnati and all over ohio. how i do know? because you're writing about it. tell us about it. >> yes yb that's right. i'm in hamilton county right now, where cincinnati is. something people may not understand, is that while there are hundreds of restinkinks on election day, in early voting day, there is just one location. that's why we see long lines. also the hours are shorter. so on saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and today just 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. less time that people get to early vote and they are all going to the single one per county locations. >> now, these, erin, these are one per county because of the decision of the officials. they are not limited by law. it could be more than one per county. >> that's true. but you know what, al, i talked
3:52 pm
to a number of people who were voting early yesterday. and they told me they felt more confident going to this one place in one county where they could cast their vote because they know that they wouldn't be casting a provisional ballot. one man told me that four years ago, he went to three different polling locations on election day, before the poll watchers told him he was actually allowed to cast his vote. and i heard from several people who said the same thing, that their polling location changed. they didn't trust that and they didn't want to be harassed about it. so they knew they could cast their vote in this one location and it would count. >> we are showing the long lines. you wrote, according, quote, i'm quoting you to you, according to the obama campaign's national field director jeremy bird as of saturday, 179,000 nonmid term voters had cast their ballots in ohio counties. that obama won in 2008. but just 91,000 nonmid term voters had done so in ohio's
3:53 pm
predominantly republican counties. do you feel the inference here is that some people are dealing with partisan politics here? >> well, look, hamilton county a swing county. president obama won this county narrowly under 2008. when i surveyed this line yesterday, it was predominantly obama voters. >> it was felt this voter suppression was in voter id. you said, they travel with you. do you feel there las been in many ways a back lack to those attempts, at least in florida, to stifle people from voting? >> i really do, reverend sharpton. as you saw the lines last weekend, they continue the entire week. even yesterday i want it miami
3:54 pm
gardens in north dade regional library. just me the lines were all the way down the street. people will not be deferred. that's what excites me about this particular election. because people are showing intestinal fortitude. they refuse to be denied. >> no matter who they vote for, we must continue to protect their vote. bishop curry, erin, thank you both for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you, reverend sharpton. we'll be right back with more on president obama. how he deals with the ugly side of politics. stay with us. ♪
3:55 pm
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3:57 pm
in my radio interview with president obama. we talk bed the attacks on him and how he deals with the
3:58 pm
person personal vindictive tone of those acts. how do you keep your balance? you seem to be always even and looking at the bigger picture, never responding to a lot of, frankly, ugliness, that probably g get a lot of your supporters more upset than it does you. >> well, i know that, since i'm speaking it a reverend, it may sound like i'm just pandering but prayer helps. >> that's true. >> i really do believe that, you know, the job that i do is not about me. you know. it has do with making sure that i'm carrying out the values and the faith and hope of millions of people. and so, when things aren't going well, i try to step back and
3:59 pm
just remind myself, this isn't about me. this is about the kid who needs to get to college. maybe the first in his family. this is about the senior who is worried about making it on a fixed income. this is about a soldier in afghanistan and is he going to get back home safely with his family. and when he does get back, is he going to get the services he needs to readjust to civilian life. when you make it not about you, then a lot of the nonsense involved, kind of rolls off your back. >> it has been said that life is about finding a purpose bigger than just yourself. and i suppose that's what the president said, and i suppose that's what he tried to get his presidency and his campaign toward. you and i should ask ourselves everyday, what is our higher purpose? are we just here t

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